I'm Corneliu

Here you'll find everything about me and my interests:

Computer Vision and Graphics, UI/UX, Video-games and Art

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  • I have finally completed my PhD. You can download the pdf directly from here or click on the button below for more details.

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  • I started an intership at Foundry.

    I will be doing ligthing estimation from single photos using deep learning.

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  • Our paper on creative video synthesis, Responsive Action-based Video Synthesis, has been accepted to CHI2017. Denver, Colorado is a great place and I had lots fun presenting the paper!

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  • I started work as a Research Assistant in computer graphics under the supervision of Prof. Tim Weyrich.

    I will develop an app for croudsourcing the problem of validating matches between puzzle pieces. This is applied to re-assembling damaged ancient frescoes as part of the Griphos cultural heritage preservasion project.

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